Chase Schweitzer
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Fairly Local

A podcast where we talk about music fairly local to us... or fairly local to you.

In 2015, Parker Reed and I decided to start a podcast. Neither of us had hosted a podcast (though PR had done a bit of radio) but we both had a passion for local music. Fairly Local is a podcast where we talk music fairly local to us… or fairly local to you.

Each week we review an album an a single. Sometimes it’s a major label release, sometimes it’s an indie tune we stumbled across on Spotify. Sometimes we just ramble about festivals, the industry, or the societal relevance of Twenty One Pilots’ “Blurryface.”

Although there have been a few substantial hiatuses, we’ve managed to keep the show running since the launch in 2015. We’re hoping to expand the content and the reach in the future by recording at live events and doing a video version for YouTube.

Look out for Episode 100 (coming eventually!) where we’ve promised to do an in-depth analysis of Taylor Swift’s “1989.”

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