Chase Schweitzer
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My first real job and two years of personal and professional growth.

I worked as a web developer on a marketing team at MetaCommunications for two years in Iowa City. I started working part-time and was working nearly full-time for at least the last year.

Meta was my first real, adult work experience. There was a lot to be learned outside of the computer stuff I already knew. I had to pick up problem solving and learn how to operate on a small team within a much larger company. Managing schedules and expectations were a must.

The work itself was diverse and rewarding. I built and launched three corporate websites, one customer support site, and several small marketing web experiences. Working on the marketing team gave me a perspective I would have never found on a dev team.

As much as I loved the people, the environment, and the work, I wanted to move back to Des Moines after college graduation and continue my career there. I said goodbye, quickly landed a gig at Juicebox Interactive, and moved back home.

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