Chase Schweitzer
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Juicebox Interactive

At Juicebox Interactive, I learned how to work with clients and adapt to their needs.

After graduating from the University of Iowa in May, I quickly found a job back in Des Moines at Juicebox Interactive. The work was similar to what I did for Webspec Design back in high school, but I felt more responsibility with my role in a small company.

I loved the people I got to work with at Juicebox, but client work was exhausting. I got stuck in a rut through the Summer of 2016 and started getting anxious about my career. I didn’t want to make WordPress websites for beef companies forever (seriously). I wanted to find something that pushed me and deepened my experiences in software development.

I felt awful leaving Juicebox for John Deere after such a short tenure there. But I did promise to finish any incomplete projects and ended up freelancing outside of normal work hours for a few months before fully transitioning out of the company.

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