Chase Schweitzer
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A site for sharing your legal loopholes and schemes with other schemers and dreamers.

After working with the boys from Twinnovation (a podcast about scheming and dreaming) on their website, I expressed interest to Jeff Rosenberg about a project they called “GroupHole.” The site was originally an idea submitted to the podcast by a fan and would essentially serve as an anonymous loophole index. A page for people to post and read schemes. The best cons would be upvoted until the reached the top, and eventually make an appearance on the podcast.

The site itself underwent several design iterations. I started with a seedy, dive-bar aesthetic complete with a flickering neon header. After feedback requesting something more “dark web,” I went with a unicode, green, dingy message board look. This was further refined to the design that’s live today, one that is both readable but comically edgy.

Future updates will include commenting and better sorting/moderation. The crux of the site is that no personal information/account is required to participate, so there’s a real opportunity for spammers to exploit the free advertising. Good validation and automated content filtering is in place to abate these issues, but there’s always room for improvement.

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