Chase Schweitzer
How to Survive the Fire Music

A five-track synth rock EP.

Costume Parties Music

A song about Winona Ryder and awkward parties.

November 2017
Superposition Music

My first single from my latest project.

October 2017
Just Another Neurotic Summer Music

A five-track acoustic EP all about melodrama.

September 2017
Never Ever Getting Better Music

My debut album, available now.

August 2017
GroupHole Site

A site made for sharing your legal loopholes.

June 2017
Probably Always Music

A collection of five demos I made in the Spring of 2017.

June 2017
Long Distance Friendship Podcast

A podcast where Sidd Somayajula and I chronicle our friendship from a thousand miles apart.

January 2017
John Deere Position

I worked as a frontend developer on web applications for John Deere.

September 2016 - Present
Overcast Audio Site

Listen to music, podcasts, and more produced by me and my friends.

August 2016
University of Iowa Degree

I graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science in 2016.

May 2016
Juicebox Interactive Position

I developed client sites for Juicebox Interactive full time and as a freelancer.

May 2016 - December 2016
MetaCommunications Position

At MetaCommunications, I worked on a marketing team as a web developer.

September 2014 - May 2016
Twinnovation Site

A site I made for one of my favorite podcasts.

April 2016
Fairly Local Podcast

A weekly music podcast where we talk about music fairly local to us or fairly local to you.

November 2015
Something New to Do Music

A high school, pop-punk record I helped produce with my friends.

August 2014
A Digital Canvas Publication

My first physical publication about the blending of design and development.

June 2014
Valley High School Diploma

I graduatedfrom Valley High School’s rigorous honors program.

May 2014
DMACC Degree

I graduated from high school and Des Moines Area Community College concurrently.

May 2014
Webspec Design Position

I started building client sites for Webspec Design in high school.

September 2012 - May 2014
Key to the City Accolade

I was awarded the Key to the City of West Des Moines in 2013.

June 2013